Phil MacEachron



Ongoing project to explore the potential of creative coding in a 3D game. In the multiplayer version, players can collaboratively write code to create 3D structures in an open world.


A Clojure-like programming languaged used in DefCraft, with an interpreter written in JavaScript. I mostly created this by following the guide in the Make a Lisp project (, then made a few additions and tweaks.

Tetris in 4 languages

Wrote Tetris in 4 languages to improve my programming fundamentals. Reading about memory management from the Rust book and practicing functional composition and recursion to build the Clojure version made this project well worth the time.

Physics Playground

3D multiplayer sandbox for teachers and students to learn physics by creating and interacting with simulations. Made using Unity, initially only for Oculus Quest, then adapted to flatscreen so students could join from a browser on their laptop.

Physics Verse

Early iteration of the physics learning environment project. This was a single-player campaign style game where students could progress through solving various physics simulation challenges to learn different fundamental concepts.

Microgravity fluid experiment

Zero-g fluid dynamics experiment, developed during college and tested on NASA’s “vomit comet” airplane.